Floor Puzzle Foam

floor puzzle foam

  • a particularly baffling problem that is said to have a correct solution; "he loved to solve chessmate puzzles"; "that's a real puzzler"

  • a game that tests your ingenuity

  • A person or thing that is difficult to understand or explain; an enigma

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floor puzzle foam - Skeleton Floor

Skeleton Floor Puzzle

Skeleton Floor Puzzle

Kids learn all the major bones as they assemble this unique, soft foam puzzle. Great for playtime, this large 15-piece puzzle is 4' tall when assembled, making it life-size for kids. Once assembly is complete, have children lie on top of it so they can see where the major bones are in their own bodies! Each puzzle piece is labeled on reverse side.

The foot bone’s connected to the leg bone, the leg bone’s connected to the knee bone …what’s the knee bone connected to? Kids will have no trouble working out where all of their bones fit together when they practice putting them in place on this life-size skeleton floor puzzle. The skeleton is 4 feet, 3 inches tall, from skull to toe, making him more enticing to build since he’s the same size as the average 6-year-old. All 15 pieces are made of soft durable foam so they have no sharp edges and won’t bend. The back of each piece is marked with the proper name for each bone to reinforce classroom units on the human skeletal system. --Cristina Vaamonde

75% (11)

#2 Tengu - Hiding with a Bang (6-22-9)

#2 Tengu - Hiding with a Bang (6-22-9)

Rai Pawpad growls softly. "Ain't anyone gonna take you. " He fits a ball bearing to his slingshot, and yells, "You're out of your jersdickshen! Leave us alone!"

Reinhardt Stenvaag looked to where Rai called from, and preping the flashbang for a 1 round timer, flung it into teh grass in that direction, covering his eyes with his arm

Jaina Lefevre reaches up to tug on Rai. "Get DOWN! We gotta move..." she isn't able to see them, so she has no idea what was tossed, just starts crawling to the side a bit more, so she's not right where the voice came from.

Sarraah Huntress pulls her goggles down at the sight of the flashbang being preped, being the heavy hitter she wasn't able to take cover as well as the other guys so was more prepared for direct assaults, including filtering of high intensity lights from grenades. She raised her gun and aimed it in the direction of where the grenade was throw, finger on the trigger "Oh god fucking damn it" Was her only contribution to this scene

Rai Pawpad only has time to flick his ears in the direction of the the thing landing a bit to the left, before the light happens. In a confused moment, the world goes funny in its orientation, and he feels the ground under his back, his ears clamped to his spinning head.

Jaina Lefevre is actually lifted a little by the bang and there's a moment where the lights are so bright, then she's still, eyes closed, body shocked into unconsciousness, a trickle of blood trailing from the corner of her mouth where she bit her own tongue, a smaller thread coming from the ear closest to the bang. Ruptured eardrum.

Reinhardt Stenvaag uncovers his eyes and charges forward, a hand moving to a pouch at his belt. As he passes the tree, he pulls a ziptie out and assessing the situation beyond the tree as he moves, he leaps towards the girl and drops to his knees over her downed form. As he moved, he called to Sarraah "Grab the boy." He didn't know if they were conscious or just stunned, but he wasn't wasting time.

Sarraah Huntress presses a hand to her helmet and speaks into the radio, probably not being heard. She slugs forwards and searchs the area for someone, not really knowing who, but searchs anyway, not having a lot of luck

Rai Pawpad can't see around the bright spots in his eyes, and from the taste he knows he's bitten his tongue. He scrambles over on to one side making a loud yelp as his arm hits the ground. "Fucking.... bastards.. Jaina!"

Reinhardt Stenvaag calls out "Huntress. This way." as he grabs for the downed girls arms. If he grabs them, he would ziptie them together.. infront or behind wasnt a concern at this point. If he grabed her arms, and ziptied them, he would grab a second ziptie from his belt, next round: ziptieing her ankles. lol

Jaina Lefevre is out cold, so she's not exactly a challenge to tie up. Smaller body mass than Rai, and a little closer to the flashbang, so she's pretty amenable to the whole thing at the moment. The slingshot got dropped somewhere back by the wall, so she's not exactly armed anymore either.

Sarraah Huntress trudges heavily over towards Ciro who isn't far away. She see's the mobile one of the two and moves towards him in a heavy step and if sucessful, would swing the butt of her heavy machine gun very unmercilessly towards Rai and if he ended up on the floor from the heavy blow would simply place the sole of her boot on his back along with a large portion of her weight

Tristaniel McMinnar stops short of the small group, folding his arms and raising an eyebrow.

Rai Pawpad had managed to get his hands on the scissors from his pack and brought them up to swing with his one good arm at the legs of the thing coming toward him. He had to aim for the middle two, as it looked like she had four or six. The gun butt caught him easily in the side, and his breath huffed out in a whoosh. The attempt to breathe took up what effort he might have expended on using his most filthy vocabulary on her.

Reinhardt Stenvaag zipties Jainas ankles together since she has graciously indicated she is unable to resist. This done, and still kneeling in the grass over her, he looks over his shoudler to Rai and Sarraah, and spots Trist in the distance. He points to the bound girl "Assaulting a marine with a deadly weapon." and points to Rai "Aiding her in her escape after my intent to arrest her was declared."

Marina Storaro: After a moment, the woman lifted like a strong reed, and silently moved several feet from where she was perched, still dark through the trees, but she would strain to see through the limbs and catch pieces of dialogue. A glance back to the soldier, then settled on the group.

Jaina Lefevre looks so threatening, white blonde hair now filled with twigs and brush, blood from her mouth and ear and the little cuts from the spray of concrete chips earlier. Bound at wrists and ankles, she groans a little and then s



A cityscape :-)

Best viewed full size.

These are a selection of Puzz-3D Puzzles/models that I have made - they are from Wrebbit (a Canadian Company recently bought by Hasbro). These are some of the Towers-to-Scale Series - they are 1:585 scale.

The missus thinks they're very nerdy, I don't, I think they're very cool:-)

They are quite hard to find in shops so most have come from ebay!

The Tallest one is about 3 feet tall !

They are from left to right (with real world dimensions not including radio mast as they don't count I'm told)):

back row first
Taipei 101, Taiwan (509 m (1,671 ft) tall and 101 floors)
Sears Tower Chicago (442m (1,451 ft) tall and 110 floors)
Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpa (452 m (1,483 ft) tall and 88 floors)
Empire State Building, New York (381m (1,250 ft) tall and 102 floors)

Next row
Messeturm, Frankfurt (257 metres (842 feet) tall and has 63 floors)
Citygroup Tower, New York (279 m (915 ft) tall and 59 floors)
Central Plaza, Hong Kong (374 m (1,227 ft) tall and 78 floors)
Bank of China Tower, Hong Kong (367 m (1,205 ft) tall and 70 floors)
Chrysler Building, New York (319 m (1046 ft) tall and 77 floors)
Commerzbank Tower, Frankfurt (259 m (850 ft) tall and 66 stories)

front row
American Radiator Building (103 m tall and 23 stories)
Flatiron Building (87 m (285 ft) tall and 22 stories)
Met Life Tower (213 m (700 ft) tall and 52 stories)

And to cap it off they all glow in the dark :-)

Puzz-3D is the brand name of three-dimensional jigsaw puzzles, manufactured by Wrebbit, Inc. Unlike tranditional puzzles which are composed of series of flat pieces with parts of an image on them, when put together, create a single unified image, the Puzz-3d series of puzzles are composed on plastic foam, with the part of an image graphed on a stiff paper facade glued to the underlying foam piece and cut to match the piece's dimensions. When the pieces are put together, they create a structure such as a building.

floor puzzle foam

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